“E-Learning: Design Opportunities at Home Part 1”


The problem that I focused on was the Stairs and the Pathway ( These two are joined ).  The problem is that when you enter the carpark, there is a pathway leading up towards the stairs. Then after climbing the stairs, you have to walk up another pathway which has a grilled drain. Then followed by another grilled drain, a ledge and 1 more flight of stairs to reach the lift. ( This is only for my block which is the 2nd nearest to the carpark!)
1. The pathway is filled with lines, this will be inconvenient for the wheel-chaired people to come up the stairs.
2. The grilled drain's lines are very broad if one is not careful, he/she can slip and he/she's leg can be trapped inside or get badly cut.

3.The pathway is filled with steps and is very time consuming especially since it is a steep path.
4. Also, the path is so small that is can get congested.

A Bad Design

The product that I think that has a bad design is the projector screen in our class. First of all, the handle to pull the screen is too small and the string attached to it is very hard to handle (Yellow Arrow). In addition to this, when you pull the handle or string the screen retracts so fast that it is almost impossible to stop thus, when it hits the top, it creates a deafening sound (Red Arrow). 

My proposal to counter this problem or to solve this problem is to make the handle a bit bigger and to add a rubber coating to make the handle easier to grip, you can also add a string to make it easier to pull. For the retracting of the screen, you can add padding to the top of the screen to reduce the sound of the impact ( where the red arrow is).