“E-Learning: Design Opportunities at Home Part 1”


The problem that I focused on was the Stairs and the Pathway ( These two are joined ).  The problem is that when you enter the carpark, there is a pathway leading up towards the stairs. Then after climbing the stairs, you have to walk up another pathway which has a grilled drain. Then followed by another grilled drain, a ledge and 1 more flight of stairs to reach the lift. ( This is only for my block which is the 2nd nearest to the carpark!)
1. The pathway is filled with lines, this will be inconvenient for the wheel-chaired people to come up the stairs.
2. The grilled drain's lines are very broad if one is not careful, he/she can slip and he/she's leg can be trapped inside or get badly cut.

3.The pathway is filled with steps and is very time consuming especially since it is a steep path.
4. Also, the path is so small that is can get congested.